It has been a whirlwind of a month in the Reynolds house. We received our official referral on April 7th. This means that the South African government has official matched us with our daughter Asanda, and recommended that she be adopted into our family forever. Asanda. That’s her name! And the official referral means that you get to know that now. Unfortunately, we can’t share pictures online until we pass court in South Africa. She’s beautiful–trust us. :) 

So what now? Here are the very practical, process related steps that need to take place before we can go get our girl. 

1.  Accept our referral. We did this immediately!

2. File I-800 is USCIS. This is the second round of immigration paperwork. We also sent this off ASAP. It typically takes 4 weeks to get this back, so we should hear something the first week or two in May. 

3. Get I-800 back.

4. Send Asanda a photo book about our family. 

5. Get a court date. 

6. Get a travel date and book some flights, a car, and an apartment. We know that we need to be in court by July 4th. We will have bonding time for 1-2 weeks prior to court, so everyone is expecting our travel date to be around mid to late June. 

There is a whole other list–Clem’s passport, outfitting a big girl room, adoption training, fundraising, and normal life–but at the end of this this happens:

7. We get to experience a miracle! We get to understand the Gospel–that God has adopted us as sons and daughters–in a very new and real way. We get to be family with a little girl who hasn’t had a forever family in 9 years. 

And in many ways, you do too! Thank you for being a part of this.