I posted this photo instagram and facebook this weekend with this caption:

We’ve been in a holding pattern for the adoption for what seems like forever. This week we got great news that we can move forward with the next step–and should quickly!! We had a crazy busy week getting things together in the midst of busy work weeks. Last piece together morning before I take a quick trip to Austin to get it all approved! #yousaidgo #bringherhome

First, thank you for celebrating with us. Good news—ANY good news—is so encouraging right now. Knowing that all of you were celebrating with us just made even sweeter.

Second, what does this mean exactly?!? I have had many questions (thanks for asking!) about what, exactly, this all means, and about some details moving forward. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  • So do you get to go get her now?No. We had been collecting documents for our dossier while waiting for a number of specific things to happen in South Africa. We received some good news that a) some of these things were being taken care of in South Africa and b) they wanted us to go ahead and submit our Dossier immediately in order to get it to South Africa before the courts close for the holidays. We spent the week scrambling to gather the last few remaining documents we needed, I went to Austin yesterday to get them apostilled, and we overnight-ed them our agency. I missed something in the details, but we are going to get it worked out by Friday, when they will be mailed to South Africa. 
  • So, how long until you get to go get her? Once our dossier is submitted to Central Authority in South Africa, the official timeline until we receive our referral is 4-6 weeks. Then, it will likely be 4-6 more weeks after than until we are able to travel to South Africa. I always preface those statements with “if all goes well”. TIA–This Is Africa–is a real thing not just a saying, and we would love for your prayers that “all goes well.”
  • How long will you be in South Africa? Who is keeping Clementine? Officially,trip to south Africa will be 5-6 week (“if all goes well”), and we are taking Clementine with us. South Africa is such an important part of our family and we want her to experience the country and start bonding with her sister as soon as possible. Also, 6 weeks away from my baby in an already stressful transition sounds like a bad idea to me. 
  • How do you think Clementine will react to having a little sister/big sister?To clarify, Clementine is getting a BIG sister. We pray for Big Sister every night, have pictures of her all over our house and talk about her a lot. Clemie calls her “Sasa” and seems to really love looking at pictures of her. We are under no delusions though that our toddler isn’t going to have an adjustment period. Grace for all of us. More Grace. 
  • Have you saved up for your trip?**Insert all other money questions**God is so faithful you guys. We have been able to pay for each fee with cash when we need to so far. We are making sacrifices and working hard, but a lot of that has been your generosity and faithfulness to partner with us. It is the most humbling thing. When we get our referral (possibly in 4-6 weeks) our last Country Fee is due and is the largest. Then, comes travel for the 4 of us for 6 weeks shortly after. We are applying for adoption grants and loans, and trusting that God will continue to be faithful. If you would like to support us financially there are several ways you can do so:
  1. Buy an awesome t-shirt! There are youth sizes, women’s slim fit, long-sleeved, AND international shipping available. We need to sell 37 more in the next 4 days or our order doesn’t “make”: 
  2. You can give a tax-deductible donation to Pure Charity here:

We don’t get tired of talking about Our Girl. If you have more questions, please ask us!