Namibia is astounding beautiful! Your mind is just blown by how much this place looks like…New Mexico?!?!

The first impression of Namibia wasn’t the best. All of the Germans kept commenting on how pretty it was and all I kept thinking was “New Mexico! The ugly part!” Here is my proof…

Here are the boys enjoying their view of New Mexico Namibia.

At the above moment I was experiencing what Trey likes to call the “trifecta”- I was HOT, I was tired, and I was hungry. Did I mention I was hot? Luckily, very soon Namibia turns into this stunningly beautiful landscape.

Now we are are giving pretty New Mexico a run for her money :) This place is called Sossusvlei with some of the world’s highest sand dunes. The sand is so gorgeously red, it is unbelievable at times. It seems like a movie. Whether you identify it as God or not, there is no way to be in a place this beautiful and not experience the magnitude and glory of God. Wow wow wow.

Here the boys were playing around during sunset.

The next morning we woke up early to catch the sunrise. Here is Dune 45-the most famous and most photographed of all the dunes- at sunrise.

After a short drive from this point, we got into Land Rovers to drive further into the park. The plan was to hike “Big Daddy”, the tallest of the dunes. Due to an embarrassing, yet really swollen and painful ankle sprain I couldn’t make the hike. After we dropped the other volunteers off at Big Daddy, I rode with Heather and Patrick to the namesake dune of Sossusvlei. WOW! I couldn’t even walk at this point, but I decided I must limp around for some pictures.

My stubborn started kicking in about now. The thought that I would miss the views from the top were too much and I started hiking…well, gimping, up the dune.

Here I am!

I made it!!   Not only was I so proud of myself for making it up, I was more than rewarded for my effort by getting to take in the shear magnitude of creation. Unfortunately for you…I don’t have pictures. Oops…sorrry :(

After the walk down, I spent a lovely few hours by a salt lake reading a crime novel being one with nature. Here are some of my new friends and the pretty little salt lake.

Pretty incredible, right?