We took the kids to the beach last week and it was such a great day.

Well…ok, so the leaving part and the traffic part were not, but after that it was awesome. :) In true African form we left an hour and half late, then ran into three lanes of STOPPED traffic on the highway. Trey and I had 10 of the littlest girls in our car–which was too much fun!– and they all immediately had to “wee wee”. “JULIEEEEE IT IS COMING OUT ALREADY.” Our professional drivers up front decided to off road to the off ramp to avoid the traffic jam about this time, and luckily (?) one of the cars started smoking so we had to pull of on the shoulder. Out piled 10 little girls ready to relieve themselves without a care in the world who saw. This totally mortified Trey. :) I, for one, was handling things quite well until our littlest asked me to help her and I got toddler wee wee on my sandal-ed foot. Could have done without that!!

The beach was beautiful, the kids loved it, it was such a delightful day. Enjoy Trey’s pictures…I know we were all tired of my iphone pictures. And yes…that is an octopus.