I read somewhere that you should never blog about not blogging. But, since my lack of posts over the past few weeks has proven me the world’s worst blogger, I don’t think this is going to change things too much. Either way, I’m sorry. I’ll do better. Pinky promise.

A Little on the Blogging Problem

The paralysis began with the Epic African Extravaganza Trip. Do you know how hard it is to edit down several thousand pictures? (This is where Trey is thinking “it should have been more than that”) And then to pic just a few that will adequately communicate all the awesome that I saw? It’s difficult, folks.

But it is also is a cop-out. The trip was hard for me, and I don’t want to think about it again.

I can look back and I am honesty very thankful I went for the relationships I developed with the other volunteers. Two of my girlfriends whom I really met on the trip left to go back to Germany this past week, and I miss them like crazy. I keep walking by their flat here on GGA expecting to see them drinking coffee on their stoop. And besides the relationships I saw incredible things….REALLY incredible things! God is crazy creative, and I was amazed by the wonder, and oldness, and beauty of it all.

But I also was away from Trey for three weeks, with very little communication. This all happened a week after we moved across the world. This was about a month after we packed all our belongings up and became homeless. THIS was after an entire summer when we were only home one weekend. There was a lot of change, in a very short amount of time. And, to top it off I’m the girl who cried every single year of elementary school because I wanted to stay in my old grade because I liked it! Change is hard for me. Dealing with change while being apart from Trey…not a good idea.

So the trip was hard, but it was also good.  And I promise (!) you will have pictures beginning tomorrow.

Now that all of that is out of the way….

A Little Update on the Fam

We are doing really well and 100% of that is prayer from you. I believe that! We have always had a ton of fun together and just enjoy being together–Praise God that we are growing even closer together each day and still laugh 80% of the time.  The only negative is that we have been under the weather this week, and really felt pretty terrible. Got some meds and have a weekend off so we can get some rest, so we should be on the mend soon.

It has been decided that Trey, my brilliant brilliant husband, will be the one taking over the volunteer coordinator position effective…this week. :) It has been so fun for me to see him lead so well, a while working like a maniac at his “day” job. We are excited about (hopefully) having a more cohesive approach to all things affecting the kids with me covering schools/homework and Trey leading the volunteers.

I’m really enjoying my job! It always is a little stressful coming into a new position, and I feel a great deal of responsibility for the kids’ futures. All in all though, feeling energized and motivated!

These kids…oh these kids. We are totally in love with their crazy, silly, adorable, stubborn, defiant, typical kid selves.

Our new volunteer family is really special to us. Last Sunday we were finally able to cook an American Thanksgiving dinner for all of the German volunteers. Some of it was a complete mess (our dogs wouldn’t even eat the dressing!!!), we battle a two hour blackout during important turkey cooking time, and a torrential storm flooded both our house and the building we were having Thanksgiving in. It was still incredibly meaningful for us, and everyone seemed to have a great time….put that one in the win column!

Maggie and Sam have really settled in more over the last few weeks. Their new best friend Julian (also Julie’s awesome assistant in the School Liaison office) dog sat them for two nights last week while we took a short trip with Heather and the couples to a local game reserve. They love them some Julian! Sam still thinks he is King of the Resort (the piece of GGA property we live on), and takes his self-imposed job of managing all the comings and goings very seriously.  Maggie is still content to nap on the couch while Trey works, and in typical Maggie fashion believes the volunteers came all the way from Germany to pet her.

It has been raining a lot a lot. I think my hair may mold soon.

That’s us…we’ve been busy! But I’ve promised you Namibia pictures tomorrow, and Namibia pictures you shall have my friends.