Almost 10 years ago exactly, I was stepping off a plane in South Africa for the first time. I knew that trip would change my life. I did. I think I would have given anything to have “known” how exactly God would use my experiences over that month to shape the course of my vocation, my calling, my understanding of mission, my family. I’m so thankful I wasn’t given that option! Just think how hard THAT waiting would have been.

One of the ways that my life was changed was through some key scriptures that came alive to me for the first time. One of which was James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

James, like he does, lays it out pretty simple for us. I sensed God had given me a new compass, and have continually struggled to right myself to its North since. It was a major guide in our decision to be missionaries, and also to pursue adoption. And we know that God has not released us from this direction.

So, when we came across Both Hands, and were ultimately chosen to participate in one of their projects we were overjoyed! It seemed like one of those “God things” and we were so excited. The video above gives you a LITTLE snapshot into how inspiring and passionate these folks are. It is so worth the time to watch it!

From their Mission, Vision, and Purpose statement:

Both Hands mission is to fulfill James 1:27 by serving orphans, widows, and Christian adoptive families.
Both Hands’ purpose is to help Christian adoptive families raise funds for their adoptions by coordinating a service project fixing up a widow’s home.
Both Hands’ vision is to see the day when finances are not an obstacle for Christian families who are led to adopt, while simultaneously serving every widow in need of home repairs.

We have gathered a team** of dear friends will be serving a widow, Connie, on May 2nd. Connie is pretty desperate for some help around the house and we will be doing yard work, painting the exterior of her home, and a few minor carpentry jobs for her. She is such a sweetheart and we have already been blessed by visiting with her.  Our team** is seeking sponsors for the day, and 100% of the money donated will go to our adoption fund. 

Our fundraising goal is significant: $15,000. This would completely cover our final Country Fee payment that will be due in a few weeks, as well as travel expenses for 6 weeks. It is a big goal, but God is bigger! We have seen his faithfulness–literally, to the penny–up until this point during this process. Any and all donations help. In fact, that’s only $100 for 150 people, $75 for 200 people, or $35 for 429 people. You can find out more information about donating online, or sending in a check here. We hope to have as much raised by May 2nd as possible, but our account will stay open until Asanda’s adoption is finalized in South Africa. 

** Our team is mind blowing. Seriously, we keep getting thanked for “letting them” raise funds for our adoption and do manual labor all day on a Saturday. Basically, we have the best friends ever. Game over.