Cup of Africa

Almost three years ago Trey Reynolds asked me to coffee so that I could tell him about my recent trip to God’s Golden Acre in South Africa. I had only met Trey a handful of times when I moved to Lubbock before my trip, but he was very insistent we get together so he could hear all about it. Honestly, I just thought he was being polite. You know…“I’d love to hear all about it sometime.” But this guy was serious!

I showed up (45 minutes late) in all my workout shorts, t-shirt, no makeup glory but Trey didn’t seem to mind. ( He later admitted he had only gotten there a few minutes before me…we are so prompt, don’t hate.) We talked for hours about my experiences in South African and his in Tanzania, bonding over our passion for missions, travel, and Jesus. It was good stuff. REALLY good stuff!

The best stuff though was when I began to tell Trey about how God revealed my “life scripture” to me in South Africa- Isaiah 58. I was on my first trip to GGA, and stayed behind with a few other introvert friends while the rest of our team went to the mall. My friend Choong-Fai was reading in the main room, while I was journalling in mine when he started yelling at me to open my Bible. I think he said something like “This is crazy!” and sure enough…it was. Crazy awesome, in a kick you in the pants sort of way. At the time I was struggling with my decision to go to UNC School of Social Work to get my MSW, or to pursue some sort of job in ministry and just dive right in. God made it pretty clear (through other things too) that being a “Repairer of Broken Walls” was what I was made for and I need to start living into the question of “what the heck does that mean!?”

Not only did Trey know what I was talking about, but he had a very similar experience of “WOAH!” with the same passage while he was in Tanzania. Both of our minds, hearts, and lives had been incredibly shaped by these words in Isaiah, and we both expressed how “one day” we wanted to move overseas and serve others.

Hello, Jesus! Thanks for sending me my husband and making it so clear to me immediately, right?!?! Apparently, I don’t catch on that fast. :)

I left thinking, “I found my new Lubbock best friend!” Haha..true words though.

Be sure to read Isaiah 58 because it wil rock your world. And hopefully I can get Trey to write some about his Isaiah 58 experience when he gets back from this crazy town of tech people love. Honestly, it makes a better story than mine!