It is Holy Week.

Several weeks back I read something that sucked all of the air out of my lungs. God isn’t in the business of breaking promises. That’s what it said. 

He doesn’t tell you go get a girl–to be her family no matter the cost, the time, the struggle–and just leave you hanging. God isn’t in the business of breaking promises. So breathe out your worry and anxiety and mistrust, and let that sink in. 

Last week I was in an elementary gym trying to convince kids that Jesus is dependable. “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” I felt desperate. After only a few weeks of seeing us one hour a week these kids trusted us with information like “we don’t have enough food” “my dad’s in jail” “my parents are fighting.” I felt desperate for them to know that God was dependable. And then I realized I’m desperate to know that too. 

Sunday was all about God’s plan being bigger than ours. When it seems like are dreams are dead, God’s love changes everything. His plan is always bigger than ours. He is faithful. He is risen, just as he said. 

Monday we gathered friends in our home who are committed to helping us bring our girl home. These are the people she is going to experience community with, that are going to show her what the Church looks like alongside us. I talked to a dear friend on the phone and she reminded me that “Blessed is she who has believed that the LORD would fulfill his promises to her.” (Luke 1:45) He keeps his promises. We need our community. It was good, just as he said. 

Today. Today we received our official referral. God does not tell you to go get a girl, to be her family no matter what, and just leave you hanging. Every obstacle that seemed immovable, every fee that seemed impossible to pay has proven that God keeps his promises.  He is dependable. He is faithful. It is happening, just as he said. 

Tomorrow. There is a lot to do before we get her–more paperwork, more fees, and travel expenses. But for now… 

It is Holy Week. Easter is coming. So are we, sweet girl.