Six years ago tonight I attended an election watch party**slash** birthday party for my new bestie in my new town. To be fair, he had already made it pretty clear (“I already have enough friends” were his exact words) that he didn’t want to be just friends, but I was pretty confident in my abilities to keep things platonic. At one point in the night, he walked past me and gave me a little pat. “Ohhhh no buddy” I thought. Back that train up. Friends. FRIENDS.

Two days later we were on our first date. 

In honor of Trey’s birthday today, here are the 6 things I want you to know about him!

  1. Trey Reynolds is a pursuer. He has big ideas, big dreams, big goals. But what separates him from most people I know is that he goes after them. 
  2. Trey Reynolds does hard things. He does them because he sees the bigger picture, the end game. He does them because they make him more like Jesus. 
  3. Trey Reynolds is brilliant. He encompasses every meaning and nuance of that word. He is incredibly gifted, intuitive, and creative. He problem solves. He could rest on his ridiculous IQ, but he is always learning, always growing, always studying. 
  4. Trey Reynolds has the best taste in music. Yep, that’s it. It’s true. 
  5. Trey Reynolds loves Jesus better than I do. Does the prodigal son story ever make you mad? Yeah, me too sometimes. Because i’m horrible and wretched, and SO the older brother in the story. But not Trey. He deep deep down, soul level, GETS that God’s love is for everyone because none of us are worthy. He radically loves Jesus, and he radically loves those who Jesus loves. 
  6. Trey Reynolds is my favorite. Of all time. Of all the evers. He is so much my favorite, that even when I’m mad at him I wish I could go get coffee with him to tell him all about it. He’s also Clementine and Maggie’s favorite. 

Happy Birthday Trey! Love this adventure with you.