At the beginning of the year I posted about some personal goals. My intentions were to take advantage of the built in accountability of my sweet friends and family who would be reading our blog. Today is my birthday (woah! how’d I get so close to 30?!)  So it is good time for an update!

The quick list of my goals are:

1. Develop consistent, daily prayer habits using this.

2. Walk my dogs for stress relief and exercise.

3. Make and use this journal/calendar thing. 

4. Practice mindful, clean eating, in practical and sustainable steps.

5. Be gentle with myself.

I was rocking these goals for the first week of January. I was praying, walking, eating well, totally off caffeine, and being gentle with myself for not starting the calendar :). Things were good, and I was feeling so good! It was really helpful to see the fruit of these disciplines so soon.

Around the time of my post about back to school things crashed an burned. It was ugly. After a few days of working 14 hours or more, and consequently letting the stress really get to me, I fell of the goal wagon. I got super sick, I needed coke to feel like I wasn’t dying, I couldn’t move much less walk…but I was praying that I could just be home, sick in my own American bed in a clean house :). That’s something, right??

Trey (who of course got sick as well) and I worked hard to get well before my parents came for 12 days of vacation. We had such an amazing time visiting with my folks and seeing more of amazing South Africa (trips posts are coming!). It was just what the doctor ordered!

I’m re-motivated to dive into these goals again!

1. I got a Kindle for Christmas (best.present.ever.) and since I carry it with me at all times I am going to purchase the kindle version of Common Prayer. No more excuses there!

2. The maintenance crew mowed our walking path so our walks will be more walk-like and less wading through waist high grass hoping you aren’t stepping on snakes.

3. Trey also got me a fun tin box for my birthday with the sole purpose of housing my journal/calendar. I’m starting this project as soon as I press “create post” before my playground shift starts.

4. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news here. Both are that Trey found me two CASES OF DR. PEPPER for my birthday! They aren’t even tastes-a-little-african-funny-but-still-called-Dr. Pepper. These are the real deal. GOOD NEWS! Also, bad news :). I won’t be having one everyday, and my new mini goal that is replacing “no caffeine” is “drink enough water and very limited caffeine.” We are back in the cooking habit after vacation so all things should be a go on this one.

5. This was supposed to be my easy goal. When things took a turn for the ugly in January, I was a mess of unrealistic expectations and unreasonable pressure on myself. Still working on this. His Grace is sufficient.