Clementine has a rotation of favorite songs I sing to her: The Doxology, Beautiful Things, a Zulu song called Akekho ofana noJesu (there’s no one like Jesus), and How He Loves Us (go watch that link and come back to us). Trey and I both grew up with music in our homes and its important to us that she knows good music. These are songs that I love the theology behind the words and will be a part of her life for a long long time. 

Music possesses the ability to instantly take us back to a single moment, to stir emotion and passion, to express feelings we aren’t brave enough to face. Every time I sing How He Loves Us, our friends’ former foster son is standing next to me belting it out at the top of his lungs in the meeting room of J&B coffee during Porchlight. We chose The Doxology for me walk down the aisle to. I see a bevy of beautiful, joyful, rascally faces avoiding lala time (bedtime) when I sing her to sleep with Akekho ofana noJesu. There is more behind the words, when I’m singing to my baby girl. 

Derek Webb’s song Ten Thousand Angels could have been classified as a pregnancy craving when I was pregnant with Clementine. 

Ten Thousand Angels

how long you have traveled in darkness weeping
no rest in language, no words to speak
but there in the wreckage beneath bricks and bindings
love has come, love has come for you

against the night sky of your waiting
your face is like starlight when he walks in
everything worth keeping comes through dying
love has come, love has come for you

so lift up your heart now, to this unfolding
all that has been broken will be restored
here runs deep waters for all who are thirsty
love has come, love has come for you

ten thousand angels will light your pathway
until the day breaks fully in the East
they will surround you and make your way straight
love has come, love has come for you
love has come, love has come for you

My prayer for Clemie was a hormone-ridden combination of all of these things–Joy in dependence on God’s mercy (as her name is rooted in Mercy). I prayed that she’d know God’s love in a life-altering (dare I say wrecking?) way, and that because she did she would be merciful in extending Grace to others. That she’d be brave enough to offer her heart in the face of brokenness because she will be confident in Jesus’ love–mostly through tears while singing this song. 

There is another little girl I pray for when I listen to this song now. A daughter, born to another, but “ours” just as Clementine is. I want to clarify this next statement with an “If God is willing”, but his hand and his promises of faithfulness are all over this starting many years back. We are going to be parents to another little girl. We are adopting, and my prayer for her is that in our waiting for governments to recognize what we already know,  her face would be like starlight because Jesus meets her in that far away place while we can’t. That through our love one day she will know His love. Then I pray for a combination of all of these things again–Joy in dependence on God’s mercy. That she’d be brave enough to offer her heart in the face of brokenness because she will be confident in Jesus’ love.

There are so many moments, strokes of Grace as a former pastor of mine would say, that convince us that we aren’t crazy and this is what God has called us too.* We are in the beginning “official” stages of the process–completing our home study–and ask you to join us in praying for Big Sister and us three. 

Please pray that:

  • Trey and I would be faithful in the details.
  • That documents that need gathering on the other side of the world would come together quickly.
  • For Big Sister–for resilience, health, and for others to love her well in the meantime.

The Lord has shown us great favor already in making this possible thus far. We are raising a small portion of our home study, pre-placement, and post placement visits fee currently and are very close to our first goal. If you would like to give tax-deductibly for this purpose, you may do so here. We know our God is good, we trust his faithfulness and provision, and know this will be financially possible through his Grace. Please know, we covet your prayers most and we are sure there will be more opportunities to give financially in the future. 

Be blessed friends. Love has come for you, too.