We have had some encounters with big nasty bugs here lately.  I have to say that I’ve been really proud of Julie’s profound lack of complaining or grossing out.  I ran out of my first line of defense:

And though it may seem like overkill, doom is exactly what I wish these abnormally large insect friends.  When I was working on the water line the other night this big bad guy was sitting up in his web eating something when I first encountered him:

Then tonight there was a scratching at the door, and Julie said “I know that the scratching noise is just bugs, but it sounds like something is at the door…. but what kind of bugs make that big scratching noise?”

It was our friend the beetle:

And he was trying to gain entrance to our house so he could pilfer our large supply of rice and couscous.

I didn’t even kill that beetle because it seemed like a waste to not let him find a way in my house and scare me later.  I gently (with a big stick) instructed him (gave him my best tee-shot impression) to go find someone else’s door to scratch.