One of the frustrations about the paper work process in order to go (and take our dogs) to South Africa is that there is a lot of mixed information about what needs to be done on the official websites. It doesn’t seem that there is one source with ALL the information, so we feel like we are guessing while trying to cover all of our bases.

Yesterday, we realized that we we needed to submit a small fee and one paper to the Department of Agriculture in SA by next Tuesday in order for our dogs to be able to travel with us. This is not a huge problem, because we will have the option to ship the pups later. But, from a strictly peace of mind standpoint, we are praying for these things:

  • That our money transfer will go through by Monday
  • That our form will be accepted without problems.

I hesitated to even write about this because it seem so trivial and first-world-problem-like. But we are trusting that God is faithful in the details and that nothing is too insignificant to bring to Him. Join us in praying??