Clementine has a new favorite game.

Momma: Clementine, can Momma have kisses?

Clementine: No!

Momma: Pleeeaaase. <pretend crying. pretend crying> I neeeed kisses!

Clementine: Noooooo!! (while imitating my pretend pouty face)

Eventually, she gives in and says “Momma! (pretend pouty face) Momma! (pretend pouty face)” and throws her arms wide to give me a hug and kiss. I know when she wants to play because she will randomly start yelling “No!” my direction with her pretend pouty face. I’m a fan of this game because a) she looks so funny while doing it and b) I always get sweet sweet kisses out of it. Worst case scenario, Baby or Dollie are the ones to comfort me instead of C. 

We’ve been getting a lot of no’s lately. Nothing definitive, but definitive delays. My prayer of late hasn’t strayed far from a whiney, pouty, crying “please.” I’m waiting for the hug, the open arms, but it seems the world is even more stubborn and strong willed than my toddler. A lot less cute, too. 

I haven’t written much about the details of the adoption process here. Previously our game plan was to hold off on submitting our home study until some specific things happen, and many (so.many.) of our no’s have come from this point in the process. We are now moving forward on our end with next steps. We had to ask ourselves, “Is this adoption what God has called you to?” God has given us so many yeses to this question, we felt like we need to move forward in faith trusting that the risk will be worth it.

These are the next steps:

  1. File immigration paperwork- 8 week process, during which we will gather the documents we are missing for our Dossier.
  2. Submit Dossier to South Africa Central Authority.
  3. Receive our referral and submit stage 2 of immigration paperwork- Official timeline is 2-4 weeks.
  4. Travel (!!)– 4-6 weeks after referral acceptance.

This timeline is still very dependent on some specific things happening that we have no control over. The prayer “please” is never far from my thoughts, and I hope the yeses come soon. I’m ready for sweet kisses from another sweet girl!