Dear readers, please accept our apologies for the great lapse in posts. The great news is that we made it safely to South Africa with no problems! And there is no bad news…so that is great news too :)

We are spending time with the other volunteers tonight braai-ing (South African BBQ) so I have to make this quick. Here are a few highlights of our adventures until we can write more….I promise we will write more!

  • Trey managed to safely drive on the left side of the road, in a major city, after 24 hours of traveling….in a manual car!!! He is my hero. But, we really don’t recommend trying this. A little stressful to say the least!
  • I (Julie) will actually be doing all of the school liaison (think any parental duty for school) for all the kids in addition to the child sponsorship. I’m really excited about this! It is a lot of work to be done, but it is important stuff and a practical way I feel like I can make a difference. Shout out to CASA for preparing me to keep up with this many kids!
  • Trey (did I mention he was my hero?) work diligently to get our internet working after many (!) trips to town and several stores. At one point he had to leave our SA phone in the store because the mall was closing and he knew I would much prefer he bought towels. He was right, and yes….we forgot towels.
  • The kids are as cute and precocious as ever. They were on holiday when we arrived until Monday, and we got to spend good time with them this past weekend. Several of them remembered me (and the previous teams I came with!), and even the all important life skill of throwing up the “Hook Em Horns” lives on. :) Trey tried to infiltrate their loyalty to me, but since the Guns Up involves um….GUNS….I win. One mustn’t encourage violence.
  • The dogs are great. My other hero, my sister, flew with the dogs from DFW to Washington so they could make our flight and they did so well. Hooray! When we finally got to see them in SA they were happy and waggy but tired. They are loving GGA life and most of the day they get to come and go from our Rondoval as they please. Maggie has a SA twin dog named Patches, whom they have made friends with and the kids love them. They call them Maggi Noodles and Samp and Beans– after local cuisine.  Pretty cute.
  • We are mostly settled in our Rondoval (house) and only need a few more necessities. Unfortunately, since our entire married life has been filled with house renovations we keep coming up will grand ideas to make the place more home. We will see if we get to any of them…

I know you are all wanting pictures, but at the moment I can’t get them to upload. So now you will have to check back later :)