The past few weeks have been wonderful, hard, busy, rich, difficult, and good. We have been splitting our homeless time this month between Silverton (The Weaver’s homestead) and Lake Brownwood (Home of the Reynolds). This has meant a lot of good family time, and a lot of traveling!

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to share about our trip with my (Julie) hometown church, Silverton UMC. Let me just say, these people are amazing. Seriously. I’ve known this for a long time, but the way this small town church loves each other and is faithful to the Lord continues to blow me away. They have also really accepted Trey and have been so supportive of our marriage…we like it there. Can you tell? 

It was really fun for me to get to listen to Trey share about his mission trip to Tanzania and his heart for missions. Of course I have heard all these things before, but never as part of a “sermon.” (I say “sermon” because all we really did was speak from the heart during the time allotted for a sermon) After years in ministry, speaking at church is comfortable for me it just was too much fun to get to experience that with Trey, who is usually running some form of technology at church.

After we shared, the church made a big circle around the whole sanctuary and prayed over us. It was awesome to know how many prayer warriors and partners in this journey we have. We definitely felt the love. Sweet sweet times. :)

The good times kept coming with a seriously yummy pot luck dinner. I’m telling you…Silverton can COOK. Oh my mercy it was good. And then this thing…that really is miraculous…happened. We were handed a check from the offering time in church for HALF of our support goal. Half. Wow wow wow wow wow. Needless to say, we both got pretty teary when we saw that. God is good! And his people are faithful. And we are blessed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity friends. I laugh thinking about how in our pride, we “planned” ways to not have to invite others to partner with us financially. Well, laugh is the wrong word….disappointed. I’m disappointed that I still think I know best, and that had my plans worked out we would have a) been missing out on a huge blessing and b) been robbing others of the same. God is good to us. His ways are best!

So I know you are wondering what on earth that random picture is. That my friends is what you get when you google images for “Silverton UMC”. Haha! The best I can tell is it is a picture, circa 1994, of Bible Quest winners from a revival. Made me giggle.