This bad boy came in the mail today and is one of the last pieces in the paperwork puzzle that will get us to South Africa.  I know there are plenty of processes out there that require you to jump through hoops, but this has been the most involved one I’ve ever seen.

Step 1.) Renew drivers licenses (if your name has “recently” changed like Julie’s)

Step 2.) Get valid passports, and make sure you have an entire blank page devoted to SA.

Step 3.) Go to local police station to get finger printed and be treated a little bit like a criminal.

Step 4.) Send finger prints along with application and fee to state government to obtain certified police history.

Step 5.) Go to doctor to have a physical exam, and be tested for tuberculosis (with a painful injection of a bubble of some mysterious liquid into your arm).

Step 6.) Go back to pick up TB results from doctor, have them stamped and certified.

Step 7.) Find and purchase international health insurance!

Step 8.) Obtain letters from overseas organization who will attest to your charitable status and that you won’t be stealing South African jobs.

Step 9.) Prove you will be able to return to the US by either: 1. Sending in a $1500 per person money order to the embassy, 2. Purchasing a return ticket and showing confirmation, 3. Having a local organization (such as a church) attest to being financially responsible for your return.  (we chose #3)

Step 10.) Prove sufficient “financial means” by printing off a bank statement when your account has a large amount of money in it.

Step 11.) Fill out application and send in 4 (4!) money orders of varying amounts for processing and return postage.

If you do all of that, and you have a super organized partner (Julie Reynolds is your best bet), you just might end up with a Visa to South Africa!