…It just hurts now.

GGA has these awesome trampolines that are buried in ground like this.

(Sidenote: I (Julie) got this pic off of pinterest. How progressive of GGA to be ahead of the trend!)

Oh a whim I decided to show the kids my mad trampoline skills. I started out slowly with a seat drop- easy peasy, although the kids were really impressed with this. They even told me “Good job!” Seat drops are for babies so I quickly progressed through tummy drop, back drop, and a knee drop. And that’s when it began. Knee drops are like swinging on the monkey bars– super simple when you are under 50 lbs, and hurts like fire when you aren’t. Geez. I’m old!!

But of course my pride kept me going and I attempted the big daddy of trampoline tricks. The back flip. You should be happy to know, I pulled it off. The kids were ecstatic! I’m “above EVERY other volunteer EVER”, the “only one that could even do a back flip.” Well, I’m glad they are impressed because I’m paying for it today.Totally worth it though.

New Goal: be able to jump on a trampoline without needing Dramamine or my knees feeling like they are going to explode.