In the Summer of 2007 I (Trey) spent three weeks in Northeastern Tanzania in a little boma (village) called m'Swakini.  Our team of six young adults were unprepared for how life altering just a little time out of our civilization bubble could be.  Before this trip I had spent a dark season of soul searching trying to find my place in the world.  It seemed God’s will for my life was more involved than cultural Christianity.

Finding out Julie had a deep desire to serve Jesus in Africa was the spark that lit the fire of our marriage (see Julie’s earlier post).  The fact that she was a beautiful, hyper-intelligent, West-Texas girl was just icing on the cake.  I don’t really know how God will use us in South Africa but I feel a strong conviction that we’re following a call on both our lives.

Ceta Canyon and the Call

During our engagement Julie was the Youth Pastor at Aldersgate Methodist Church in Lubbock.  That summer she was gone on youth trips and camps for what seemed like six days out of every seven. I had a chance to drive down to Ceta Canyon camp and see Julie for a few hours one night.  When I got there Julie was in a small group session so I wandered into the (currently) empty prayer chapel.  The campers and counselors had made a very sacred space with places for written prayer, and comfortable areas for long-term prayer.

At this point I felt like our married future was a fog of choices with no clear direction.  After praying face down for what seemed like an hour I took some time to just clear my head and really try to “see” where God wanted us to go.  I heard a near audible voice say a single word.


Since that day many things have fallen into place to make this happen, and only after we had almost given up on “go"ing anywhere.  His plan is always more beautiful than our own.