When we arrived we heard about a trip. An epic trip. Two weeks traveling to several African countries with GGA’s founder and director, Heather Reynolds, as well as a few other volunteers. Trey couldn’t miss that much work and so we just dismissed it think there might be another chance during our time here.

Well, after much persuasion and Trey’s demanding that I go so he can live vicariously through me, we have decided that I’m going to join the trip! I don’t know many details at all, but we will be gone close to three weeks. It is an incredible opportunity not only to travel, but to really develop relationships with the other volunteers (specifically my team) as well as get to know Heather better.

Hopefully I’ll be home on Trey’s birthday! (He really IS insisting I go. I will just have to plan a special birthday surprise for him!)

We will be going here:


And here…


and HERE!!!

(Victoria Falls)

And oh my word I hope I get to do this

Like I said…I am going to have to plan something REALLY awesome for Trey’s birthday! Any suggestions???