If you are my friend on Facebook, you know I have big feels about the ridiculous nature of holiday parties for infants and toddlers. Is it really necessary to pump our kids full of sugar every six weeks starting in infancy?? Does anyone really keep all of the stuff they just collected from the 10 other 10 month olds at the class holiday party? No. If you were wondering…the answer is no.

HOWEVER, and this is a big however for me, I will admit that now that we are solidly in the the upper end of toddler hood Clementine does actually know what a party is and enjoys a good celebration. She is starting to form actual relationships with her little friends, and making our friends feel special and loved is important! So that brings me to the TWO Valentine’s parties my little love has this week.

I knew I wanted to send something that a) doesn’t involve candy, and b) is fun for both boys and girls. I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and knew it was perfect! If you click through the link there are 4 free downloads, but I chose to make my own so I could include her name.

I printed the cards on card stock, punched two holes, and tied the animals (dollar store ya’ll) on with baker’s twine I had left over from her birthday party. Easy peasy, and cute as can be! I will say that these animals are pretty big. Our cards are 5.5x8.5. You could do the whole project even cheaper if you shopped around a little and bought smaller animals and printed four cards per page.